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Dong ManyuanFu Jun
Guo XiangangHu Dekun
Jia QingguoLin Limin
Liu HongwuLiu Jiangyong
Men HonghuaQin Yaqing
Rong YingRuan Zongze
Su GeWu Shicun
Wu XinboWu Zhicheng
Xing GuangchengXu Jian
Yan XuetongYang Guangbin
Yang JiemianYu Jiang
Yuan JianZhu Feng
Shaun Breslin   (UK) 
Alexander Lukin   (Russia)
Michael Swaine   (US)  


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The Journal, currently bimonthly published, is dedicated to the examination and analysis of frontier issues on China’s diplomacy, international politics, world economy, international security and global governance. It pursues a serious and down-to-earth style and introduces the latest progress in academic and policy research. With high-quality articles from outstanding authors at home and abroad, the Journal is a helpful friend for the academic community, research institutes, government policy-makers and readers who are interested in international issues. In September 2016, the Journal became the first English-language publication on international studies supported by the Chinese Fund for the Humanities and Social Sciences, an honor that is both an endorsement of the Journal’s past achievements and an encouragement for further endeavors.