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  • Leaving No One Behind: Reflections on Global Poverty Eradication/ Xu Bu

    With only ten years left to deliver the United Nations’ Sustainable Development  Goals, it is the world’s shared responsibility to sustain global development and leave  no one behind. Recognizing the urgency of poverty eradication, we could learn from  China as it has lifted all rural population out of poverty in 2020. All nations must  join the fight against poverty and cooperate in areas of education, food security,  gender equality, security, and global governance.

  • Global Data Governance: Challenges and Responses/ Cai Cuihong & Wang Yuanzhi

    As data resources become increasingly important in today’s world, data governance  is a crucial topic worldwide. However, there are conflicting views on data governance  with challenges such as imbalanced data rights and diverging interests between  individuals, enterprises, and sovereign states. It is therefore an urgent and central  issue for academic and business circles to address these challenges and advance  global data governance.

  • SCO Political Cooperation: Progress, Challenges and Approaches/ Deng Hao

    Over the past two decades, political cooperation has been the priority of SCO  cooperation, playing a decisive role in the formulation of significant SCO policies  and leading the organization’s development. Amid challenges, the SCO should  improve its top-level design from a strategic height and a long-term perspective,  and establish common goals based on a shared identity while making cooperation  more efficient.

  • Security Cooperation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Achievements, Challenges and Paths for Further Development/ Su Chang & Li Xinwei

    Since its establishment, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has achieved  fruitful security cooperation. In SCO security cooperation, common security challenges are the essential thrust, shared aspirations for stability and development  are the driving force, and the leading role of China and Russia is the core support  for its upgrading. In the future, SCO member states need a stronger sense of  security community and more security cooperation to build an SCO community  of security for all.

  • Economic Cooperation under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Achievements and Prospects/ Yan Dexue

    The year 2021 marks the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Shanghai  Cooperation Organization. As an essential foundation for the SCO’s steady  development, economic cooperation has played a crucial role in building regional  economic ties and achieving shared prosperity, which adds endogenous momentum  to regional cooperation and becomes a cooperation model among emerging  economies.

  • 30 Years of China-ASEAN Dialogue: Join Hands to Create a Civilization of Cooperation/ Zhang Yunling

    The past three decades of dialogue and cooperation between China and ASEAN  has not only benefited both sides, but more importantly also turned a region  congested with hostility, conflicts and confrontation into a friendly, stable, peaceful  and thriving place. For the future development of China-ASEAN relations, new  thinking, new strategies and new wisdom are needed for new situations, new  problems and new goals.

  • Rebuilding ASEAN Centrality and the Development of China-ASEAN Relations/ Zhang Jie

    The ASEAN Outlook on the Indo-Pacific is the organization’s attempt to  maintain its unity and centrality in the restructuring of regional order, which has  been under challenge due to the US Indo-Pacific strategy and China-US strategic  competition. As a gesture of support for ASEAN centrality, China’s vision for  regional order needs to be aligned with the AOIP, in terms of philosophy, rules  and cooperation agenda.