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The English-language journal China International Studies (中国国际问题研究) was formally launched in December, 2005. Patronized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and published by China Institute of International Studies (CIIS), it is the first English academic publication in China on diplomacy and international politics for formal circulation....more>>

 China's Diplomacy in 2021: Embracing a Global Vision and Serving the Nation and Its People

2022(1) [Abstract](38) [PDF [217472.0 KB](15)

China's Foreign Aid and International Development Cooperation in a COVID-19 Pandemic World

2022(1) [Abstract](44) [PDF [1937918.0 KB](6)

Upgrading the China-ASEAN Partnership: ASEAN's Concerns, China's Responsibility and Regional Order

2022(1) [Abstract](40) [PDF [236896.0 KB](1)

Transatlantic Policy Coordination on China and Its Limitations

2022(1) [Abstract](36) [PDF [212984.0 KB](1)

The Implications of Brexit for Transatlantic Relations

2022(1) [Abstract](30) [PDF [229240.0 KB](1)

Value-based Diplomacy: The Diplomatic Axis of the New German Government?

2022(1) [Abstract](29) [PDF [225531.0 KB](1)

US "Minilateralism" and Its Effort to Reshape the Global Economic and Trade System

2022(1) [Abstract](27) [PDF [253212.0 KB](0)

Mutual Learning and Building a New Type of Cooperative Relations Between China and Latin America

2021(6) [Abstract](140) [PDF [217402.0 KB](20)

Theoretical Connotation and Historical Significance of Building a  New Model of International RelationsXu Bu

2021(4) [Abstract](277) [PDF [394655.0 KB](47)

Exploring China’s Global Strategy in the New EraZhao Kejin

2021(5) [Abstract](209) [PDF [243052.0 KB](43)

China-US Strategic Competition under the Biden AdministrationWu Xinbo

2021(2) [Abstract](227) [PDF [234776.0 KB](22)

Leaving No One Behind: Reflections on Global Poverty EradicationXu Bu

2021(3) [Abstract](212) [PDF [281297.0 KB](33)

The Creative Development of Chinese Diplomatic Theory for the New EraYan Dexue & Hua Guiping

2020(3) [Abstract](28) [PDF [219.0 KB](0)

Global Development Deficit and China’s Governance PracticesWu Zhicheng & Liu Peidong

2020(5) [Abstract](228) [PDF [274.0 KB](15)

China’s Concept of New International Order and the Post-War SystemYao Yao

2020(6) [Abstract](36) [PDF [237786.0 KB](2)

Serving the Country and Contributing to the World: China’s  Diplomacy in a Time of Unprecedented Global Changes and a  Once-in-a-Century PandemicWang Yi

2021(1) [Abstract](324) [PDF [233805.0 KB](38)

Working for a Community with a Shared Future for Mankind by Promoting International Cooperation and MultilateralismYang Jiechi

2019(2) [Abstract](29) [PDF [263.0 KB](0)

Chinese Diplomacy in 2018: Developing Rapidly and Forging Ahead with DeterminationWang Yi

2019(1) [Abstract](32) [PDF [389.0 KB](0)

China's Diplomacy in the New Era: Opening Up New Horizons with a New OutlookWang Yi

2018(1) [Abstract](30) [PDF [305.0 KB](0)

Building a Community with a Shared Future: Meliorating the Era of Strategic Opportunity in ChinaRuan Zongze

2018(2) [Abstract](35) [PDF [435.0 KB](0)